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 Grilled Oysters with 3 Butters
  • While there is nothing like the taste of a live oyster, fresh from its shell, that doesn't appeal to everyone (Terry included). A grilled oyster is sweet and warm and just cooked while retaining the ocean flavor. Add some flavored butter and you have a taste treat that everyone will enjoy.
  • Oysters make a wonderful start to any meal and they are so easy to prepare. I like to use larger oysters for grilling though smaller ones work fine. Virginica and Malpaque are probably my favorite large ones with Kushi for a smaller oyster. Figure at least 4 to 6 per person for those that like them. While oyster will open on their own on the grill, shucking them first makes it a whole lot easier to serve. Just ask your fishmonger for a demo on shucking or to open them for you.
  • We serve oysters on a bed of kosher salt. It's a good presentation, holds the oysters in place and retains the heat. Use a metal pan and you can warm it up on the grill.



  • Oysters, your choice, scrubbed, and shucked back into the shell, 4 to 6 per person.
  • Kosher salt, enough to cover your metal serving pan


  • Make your butters ahead to save time, keep in refrigerator until needed. Dice them into small pieces but leave in refrigerator until ready to serve.
  • Cover your serving pan with salt, set on grill to warm or use oven.
  • Place oysters on the grill, longwise, in the direction of the grill grate. They will stay balanced this way. Cook just until you see the oyster change color and the juice start to simmer, just a couple of minutes.
  • Remove oysters to your hot serving pan, nestle into salt and top each with small pieces of chilled butter. Serve immediately.
  • Enjoy!


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