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  Great Lakes Maki Roll
  • I was thinking that since we live here on the shores of the great inland sea, we should take advantage of our own native delicacies, like lake whitefish. The smoked whitefish from Two Rivers, Wisconsin is the best whitefish I've ever tasted! We buy the fish as bone in steaks for the flavor and then flake the meat off the bone. Some creamy cheese, cucumber for crunch and a little wasabi tobiko for a kick makes for a wonderful and unique roll. One of our new favorites for 2010.
  • Below is the list of ingredients. As for quantities, figure about an ounce of fish per roll.

  • Smoked whitefish, flaked off the bone, (preferably from Dirk's)
  • Cucumber, seedless, sliced
  • Black sesame seeds
  • Cream cheese
  • Wasabi tobiko
  • Nori


  • Take ½ sheet of nori, glossy side down, cover completely with a thin layer of rice. Sprinkle lightly with sesame seeds. Flip over so that the seaweed side is up, short end closest to you. Spread a thin line of cream cheese two thirds of the way from the far edge. Add smoked whitefish, cucumber, and wasabi tobiko on top of the cheese.With the short end of the nori facing you and by hand, fold the end of the nori all the way over the filling of the roll. Tuck under, pressing firmly, then roll the rest of the way. Add a sprinkling of wasabi tobiko and sesame seeds along the top of the roll. Now using the mat, you can now firm up the ends and even out the roll. Cut into 5 pieces


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