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Our Favorite Recipes 

We want you to enjoy your Fish & Seafood selections after you get them home. 
We will provide you with a great recipe at the time of your purchase.

Here are a few more(300+) that we love.

We only use and promote sustainable fish, fishing methods, and environmentaly friendly aquaculture. If you have questions about the origins of your fish and seafoods, please feel free to ask.

Down stream we will add more of our favorite recipes here. Keep checking back...

Dirk & Terry's


Basic Fish Recipes



Arctic  Char: Farmed or wild


Cod: USA Hook and line caught only


Halibut:Wild caught Alaskan

Kona Kampachi: Hawaiian farm raised

Mahi: USA hook and line caught


Marlin:USA Hawaiian only


Salmon: Scottish Farmed or Wild

Swordfish: USA Caught


Sablefish/Black Cod: Wild caught Alaskan

Snapper: USA Gulf of Mexico only



Tilapia: Farm raised, Central and South America

Rainbow Trout: USA Farm Raised

Tuna, Yellowfin or Bigeye: USA caught Bigeye or Yellowfin only


Other Fish





Crab, Blue: Wild caught

Crab, Dungeness: Wild caught


Crawfish/Crayfish/Mudbugs: Louisiana wild caught

Lobster: Maine hardshell

Shrimp: USA Wild caught Gulf of Mexico or Rock Shrimp



Mussels: Farm raised


Oysters: Farm raised

Scallops: wild caught, dry pack



Whale   Stew

1  Large Whale
10,000 lbs. Onions - Chopped
25,000 lbs. Carrots - Peeled
30,000 lbs, Potatoes - Peeled
5,000 lbs, Celery - Chopped
50 Cases Canned Tomatoes
20 Boxes of Salt
6 Boxes of Pepper


  • Add Vegetables to large pot of boiling water
  • Cut Whale into small pieces
  • Bring to a boil
  • Simmer for two weeks.

Call ahead!
Please allow one week notice to acquire your Whale.




Appetizers/Small Plates

Butters and Sauces


Casseroles & Such


Bouillabaisse, Soups, and Stews

Sushi recipes

Side Dishes

Sweet Things That We Like...

Other Stuff We Like...


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