Cedar Planked Fish Tutorial


The best fish for planking are the fattier fish such as salmon, halibut, trout, whitefish and char to name a few of our favorites. Fish burgers of any kind are fantastic in a plank. We've even smoked shrimp with good results.

Figure 1/2 pound of fish per person. Have the skin removed from your fish, it's not necessary for planking and just gets in the way. It also lets the marinade get to both sides of your fish.

Use a marinade on the fish. We usually go about 30 to 45 minutes at room temperature. We have many homemade marinades choices for you, try our Te-kill-ya Chili or Avocado Herb.


Submerge the plank in water for a couple of hours until it is fully waterlogged.

Marinate your fish as usual, though it should be skinned first. Make sure your fish fits the plank, any part overhanging will burn. Place your fish on the wet plank and then place the plank on a hot grill.

If you choose to use pesto instead of a marinade, simply coat the fish with a nice layer of pesto when it is placed on the plank.

Wait until you see the first whisp of smoke come of the plank then cover and cook for about 12 minutes (about the time it takes for a leisurely cocktail). You don't have to flip the fish. I peek about halfway through to be sure the plank is only smoldering and not burning. If there is fire, just a squirt of water will tame the flame.

Slide the fish off the plank with a spatula, it will never stick. Either burn the plank up on the grill or drop it into a bucket of water when you are finished. Be sure the plank is cold when you throw it out.

Dirk FucikGrilling